This is a MUSEUM WEB by Terje Enge. Online in 1996, last revision was 1998. Please treat as history.
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  AnotherLAB is freeware and totally uncrippled.
In return I ask for your feedback - good or bad.
(read the
AnotherLAB History to understand why)

(These are some thoughts five years after the initial release - View them as my honest opinions today. If the CON-list seems longer than the PRO-list: Remember that I've spent some words already on the advantages).

And the PRO points are all MAJOR while the CON points are all MINOR!

  • AnotherLAB is very fast: It was optimized for Windows 3.X and 386 computers.
  • Once set up, AnotherLAB is one of those rare programs which saves both time and money.
  • A very detailed and extensive help system is included.
  • No major bugs has been reported in five years (there's two known bugs - see below)
  • No Mac-version.
  • Does not work on Windows NT / Windows 2000..
  • The look of the program might seem a little outdated: Five years is a long time (at least in the Internet world) and important interface standards have changed.
    The help system seems a little overloaded with graphics and hyperlinks measured with the standards of today.
  • Although AnotherLAB comes with a very fast and effective photo database, there is no way to view the actual photos on the screen. Back in -93 the technology was not up to it (and it would have required you to scan the photo). This is a very legitimate wish for any new version...
  • The learning curve might be rather steep for a photographer without basic technical knowledge on light and how to measure it (the help system, however, goes a long way to introduce you to both lux, luxseconds and reciprocity).
  • AnotherLAB is freeware: This means no support (but you may ask...)

    Known Bugs
(program errors):
  1. The first time you attempt to use AnotherLAB after installation, you will be met with a rather crude message which states that Username and Companyname is incorrect.
    Don't worry: Just fill in the correct values - there's no possibility to change them later.
    (This error is due to a last-minute change of the setup program - and the downloaded version is no longer restricted to a maximum of 10 or 100 runs). This is a minor bug which I will never attempt to correct.
  2. Inside the main color print dialog there is a control which shows the current color correction as an actual color. This control will not work in 32-bits Windows (Windows 9X, ME, XP).
  Before you download the program I ask you to fill in some very basic data on yourself:

This is the only way for me to know something about the response out there...

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